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“In this beautifully written little book, Robert Pawlicki offers you a personal roadmap to happiness.  The best part is it actually gets you there.”   

        Thomas A. Williams, Ph.D., author of Seeing God

“If Fifty Ways to Greater Well Being and Happiness were only a compact little book of happy thoughts to reflect on, it would be well worth reading. It is, however, much more. Written by a psychologist, gifted writer, and avid practitioner of the principals he advocates, this skillful blend of scientific research, common sense, and granny wisdom is a well-crafted guide for those in serious pursuit of a positive approach to life.”

          Jan Durham, author of Fastened to the Marsh

In your pursuit of a better life, take this book with you.  It will entertain you, educate you, and put you to work.  You can’t find a more friendly, experienced, and practical coach than Dr Pawlicki to show you the path to mental fitness.

   Lawson Wulsin, MD

   Professor of Psychiatry and Family Medicine

   University of Cincinnati

This book is a treasure trove of “little gems” that increases awareness of the profound in everyday experiences. Dr. Pawlicki has written a powerful aid that enhances positive thinking and promotes feelings of contentment and happiness.

                                                                                               Marilyn Wander, Ph.D.

                                                                                              Behavioral Health Psychologist

robert pawlicki