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July 23rd, 2009: Buy Savannah organization: Seeking Happiness

Nov. 19, 2010: NOGTOB organization: Finding Happiness

March 23, 2012: Encore organization: Finding Happiness

Dec. 29: 2012: ThincThursday TEDTalk: Finding Happiness

April 10, 2013: Learning Center in Savannah, Ga. A Road Map to Happiness and Well Being

April 19th, 2013: Seven Sisters organization: Choosing Happiness

Dec. 13, 2013: The Landings Plantation: Choosing Happiness

April 3, 2014: PEO International*, Choosing Happiness

Nov. 13th, 2014: PEO International, Finding Happiness

Jan. 7, 2015: PEO International, Finding Happiness

Jan. 20th, 2015: PEO International, Finding Happiness

April 10, 2015: Learning Center guess lecture in "Women's Lives: A Global perspective course": The Male Perspective

May 22, 2015: Encore group: Understanding Men

     *PEO International: has many chapters

The Learning Center: Savannah, Ga. – classes taught

Fall, 2015: Men: Sports, Violence, Action Movies and Homophobia – What’s going on here?

Fall, 2014: Violence in America and Beyond

Spring, 2014: Choosing Happiness: Practical Guidelines in Our Never-Ending Quest

Fall, 2013: The Male Experience, Past and Present

Spring, 2013: Finding Happiness: The science of positive psychology

Spring, 2012: Understanding Men

Spring, 2011: Choosing Happiness


Sermons at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Savannah, Georgia


Feb. 18, 2007: Clarifying Our Message

Nov. 11, 2007: Are Unitarian Universalist Men Manly?

June 15: 2008 Father’s Day

May 3, 2009: Happiness

Jan. 24, 2010: Our Fourth Principle

Oct 17th, 2010: Pride Not Arrogance

May 29, 2011: Growing, Growing, Growing

August 7, 2011: Our 7th Principle

Feb. 7, 2013: Happiness and Pain: Two sides of the same coin

Jan. 25, 2015: Violence Is Invisibly Declining

Feb. 4, 2016: Optimism in a World of Bad News

      Upcoming events will be posted as the dates become solidified.

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